Corporate Code of Conduct

The core purpose of the Calgary Stampede is to preserve and promote western heritage and values. Our vision of creating a world-class, year-round gathering place in the heart of our great city is based on three pillars: exceptional experiences, inspired spaces and energized brand. The Stampede’s code of conduct is in place to protect the organization, its volunteers and employees and others it interacts with.

The code of conduct outlines how to conduct business on behalf of the Calgary Stampede, how to treat others, how to protect Stampede property, how to avoid conflicts of interest, how to safeguard information and other assets, and how enforcement takes place.

Employees and volunteers are required to sign a compliance agreement indicating they have read and understand the code of conduct.

Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)

The Calgary Stampede is committed to the health and safety of its volunteers, employees, program participants, and guests and to protecting the environment. The following Volunteer HSE Commitment describes how the Calgary Stampede prioritizes safety and the role that volunteers play in maintaining a strong safety culture.

The HSE Policy describes the Calgary Stampede’s expectations for all members around legislative compliance, mitigating risks, and controlling hazards. Complying with all HSE policies, procedures, and applicable legislation is a requirement for all volunteers. As a Calgary Stampede volunteer, safety is your responsibility!


The Stampede’s privacy policy governs the handling of personal information of Calgary Stampede board directors, employees, volunteers and individuals the organization interacts with in the course of business.

The policy outlines what personal information is, how it is collected and how it is used. It also explains how to update your personal information and who to contact should you have any questions about the policy, or feel it has been breached.

Privacy Officer:
PO Box 1060 Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2K8

Background Screening

Background Screening is an important initiative to maintain the safety and security of all Members of the Calgary Stampede and the general public. Background Screening is also a prudent step in providing a safe environment for vulnerable individuals.

The Calgary Stampede conducts criminal record checks as a condition of employment or engagement, for all new and returning employees, Program Participants, volunteers and contractors, working in all positions at the Calgary Stampede. Maintaining a satisfactory criminal record is required for the duration of any relationship with the Calgary Stampede.

Sending Commercial Electronic Messages

The Stampede’s sending commercial electronic messages policy applies to board members, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents and other representatives of the Calgary Stampede who send electronic messages on behalf of the organization.

The Stampede must comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, which addresses what kind of emails, texts, etc. can be sent to whom, what content is allowable, etc.   

Eligibility to Participate in Lotteries, Raffles and Other Draws

The Stampede’s lottery policy speaks to who in the Stampede family can participate in Stampede-sponsored lotteries and draws. It is intended to ensure compliance with Alberta legislation and remove the perception of a conflict of interest for employees and volunteers.

Bottom line: All employees and all volunteers, including board members are allowed to purchase 50/50 tickets.

Board members, full-time employees and Lotteries committee members, and their immediate family members, may NOT participate in any raffles, lotteries or draws sponsored by the organization at any time during the year. Those included in this category are the Rotary Dream Home, Kinsmen Kars, and Split’Em 50 raffles.

Casual and part-time employees and volunteers, and their immediate family members, are able to participate in raffles, lotteries or draws sponsored by the organization.

Other lottery tickets sold on Stampede Park, such as scratch and win games and 6/49 are not included under this policy.

Social Media

The social media policy applies to all employees and volunteers who participate in social media activities on behalf of the Stampede. Social media refers to web-based or mobile technologies such as creating or contributing comments or materials on blogs, wikis, social networks or discussion forums.

The policy included guidelines and frequently asked questions.

External Spokesperson

The Stampede’s external spokesperson policy outlines who can speak to the media on behalf of the organization.

The role of the president and chairman of the board, the CEO and subject matter experts are described based on various situations including during a time of crisis.

The corporate communications department is responsible for administering this policy.

Respectful Workplace Policy

The Calgary Stampede is committed to providing a respectful workplace and volunteer environment free from the threat of harassment, bullying, discrimination, abuse and acts of violence. Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

The respectful workplace policy applies to board members, volunteers and employees.