Safety is an important part of our culture at the Calgary Stampede and it is important that we all understand the Calgary Stampede’s Incident Reporting process.

In the event that there is an incident on or off Stampede Park

Immediately call Stampede Emergency Dispatch at 403.261.0595. Or, call 9.1.1.

  1. Report the incident to your Volunteer Leader and Volunteer Services.

  2. Depending on the severity of the injury, Stampede Dispatch will contact Aaron Paramedical to provide medical assistance, and/or Calgary Emergency Services.

What to do after an incident occurs 

After an incident occurs, please follow these steps to make sure the proper reporting is completed:

  1. If you are injured, you must inform your Volunteer Leader and complete an incident report.

  2. Once complete, send the report to your Volunteer Leader, who then sends it electronically to Volunteer Services at

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

Visit the Government of Alberta's website and learn more about The OHS Act, Regulation and Code set health and safety rules for Alberta's workplaces.

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